Best 2D Animation Software 2017

Best 2D Animation Software

#1. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is an open source free software, that is very easy to learn for any beginners. It has a lot of great features even for being a free program, and it will work with any drawing tablet, bonus! Pencil2D does not have bone-rigging animation, (which is just basically connecting bones to an object to give it motion). Instead, Pencil2D is the ole fashioned frame-by-frame animation, which can be somewhat daunting at first. Click Pencil2D link here! 

#2. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is not free. I just want to say that first because although Adobe Animate is an invaluable animation program, it is a bit costly. The cheapest license for it is $19.99 a month. However, if you are very serious about animation, Adobe Animate comes with a free trial to see if you want to buy the product. The best thing to do is download the free trial, and try to get through the tutorials that Adobe has on their website. If you feel you are getting the hang of it rather quickly then this program might be the best option. Click Adobe Animate link here!

#3. Smith Micro Software Moho Debut 12

Moho Debut 12 is a 2D Animation program. It’s perfect for a one time purchase of less than $50, it is a less expensive, yet less in depth option of Adobe Animate, but it is a way more comprehensive tool than Pencil2D. Moho Debut 12 has a feature called “bone rigging” which is a very useful tool for making faster yet more efficient animations with your character creations. Click Smith Micro Software Debut 12 link here!


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