Top 5 Drawing Tablet Pens 2017

Best Drawing Tablets 2017 #1. Turcom Professional Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet Pen The first drawing tablet pen on our list is Turcom Professional Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet Pen. This specific drawing tablet pen is the very same pen that comes with the Huion H420 Graphics Tablet. It comes with 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity […]

Best 2D Animation Software 2017

Best 2D Animation Software #1. Pencil2D Pencil2D is an open source free software, that is very easy to learn for any beginners. It has a lot of great features even for being a free program, and it will work with any drawing tablet, bonus! Pencil2D does not have bone-rigging animation, (which is just basically connecting […]

Top 5 Best Animation Books 2017

Top 5 Best Animation Books 2017 #1. Animator’s Survival Kit by: Richard Williams   The Animator’s Survival Kit was written by Richard Williams, the Academy Award-winning animator behind the title Who Framed Roger Rabbit, presents us with a definitive book on animation. He shares the principles of animation using hundreds of illustrations, and shows us the working […]

Top 5 Graphics Tablets 2017

Top 5 Graphics Tablets    Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit This is the first drawing tablet on the list because it is the biggest bang for your buck. You can easily set this tablet up quickly with your PC. Easy to begin using it with software such as Pencil2D or Adobe Animate! […]